About Us

Clean Green Energy is passionate about helping our customers reap the benefits of becoming more environmentally friendly by offering the best advice and service for renewable energy. Along with helping the environment Clean Green Energy provides great opportunities to save money by utilising "clean, green" technology.

We are a Newcastle owned and operated company dedicated to providing exceptional renewable energy solutions. Our team not only includes Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers; licensed tradespersons; and marketing representatives; but also Electrical and Systems Engineers; and highly qualified trainers.

We sell, design and install your full range of "clean, green" technologies. From solar energy grid connect, hybrid, emergency power and off-grid systems and solar hot water systems; as well as supplying quality advice on energy efficiency items. We also provide an energy auditing service providing long term cost reductions for you via our recommended Clean Green Energy Management Systems.

We only utilise the latest high efficiency technologies. Our products and services are available for schools, private homes, businesses and community groups.